Training Diary – Day 798



First stop tonight was #Alison’s class at the gym – as always she includes multi-levels of difficulty for us to work through. I was quite pleased with her exercise routine because she focused more on the #Core #ABS which I had been looking at myself.

During the class #Ali introduce a few new exercises to me – and after a little bit of apprehension, I found that I enjoyed them more that I expected – so much so that I will look to add them to my own routines too. The session was a good work out as usual and all of us participating found a great deal of benefit out it. (I judge my effort by 2 standards – one is how much I laugh & the other is how quiet I am in the session.) I was laughing a lot tonight – because that is my way of showing that I was hurting – laughing it off.


The 2nd part of tonight’s training was a short bike ride along a flat route – just to ensure that I didn’t get too cold in the chilly wind. Just over 13km in 23mins wasn’t too bad because I hadn’t really planned on going out on my bike – I got home a little earlier than I thought, so just added a little bit extra for the #Fun of it.


Training Diary – Day 797



Another night without a training buddy to do my session with. Oh well it just means I can have more fun riding my bike in my own ‘Bubble World’ again …


The route would be similar to last night’s but with a little bit extra added on for a change. That is the advantage of being able to just go out and ride where ever you want to – without worrying about doing too much for your training buddies. The weather tonight, although very chilly, was much better than yesterday – no rain makes a difference. I still had the wind tunnel effect along the Penketh area and by the farmer’s fields.


The route was much harder than I expected for some reason – but to ensure I had enough energy I drank the majority of my energy drink – 1 x tablet per 500ml of water – it does look disgusting but I found it acts very quickly when giving me a boost.


In total, I completed a distance of 30.2km/18.8miles tonight – in a time of 71mins11secs – which wasn’t too bad, a little slower than I thought but I can live with that today.


So to finish off my efforts today – the usual Hot Lobster Bath, a Protein Shake and my legs iced up to help my recovery. That way I can be ready for tomorrow’s efforts and give my best again.

Training Diary – Day 796


I call it this name because there are occasions that I don’t have any training buddies available to come out with me – so I just go and train on my own. (Never even think about not going – get into my own ‘Bubble World’ and focus on what I need to do.)


The route is two thirds of my usual round trip – but in reverse. It makes the challenge a little harder because of the head wind/wind tunnel going along the penketh/fiddlers ferry stretch of road – changing from head on to side winds all the time and making you work hard.


To be fair I actually enjoy doing this part of the rides over that area – it really does make me work a lot harder than I would on the flat stretches. On the return journey I flew passed a Club Runner I knew – #Claire YabbaDabbaDoo as she was out for a walk by the looks of it – shouted ‘Hi’ and sped off – lol.

In total, I did 26km+ in 58mins30secs tonight on this route – even though the map shows 29km. (When I had finished at my home I did a short loop around my local area to cool down – as advised by the physio to #TrainSmarter. Me doing cool downs – lol.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am never going to take a #GoodSelfie because I always try my best with 100%+ effort – so I will always look rough. But at least I know it and am not even bothered about it – lol.

Training Diary – Day 795

After a real challenge yesterday, I took the advice given to me by the #physio – to ‘Train Smarter’ …  rather than trying to beat myself every session. So a 16.5km long run yesterday meant a recovery run today.


Tonight’s route was for my training buddy #Derek … he is pushing his own limited every time we go out – this was only going to be a 4km run for him, so I told him. (Yeah right – never going to be less than 5.75km in my eyes – but #Derek decided to add and extra lap around the gym roads to make it 6.5km – or 5km in his eyes. He was well impressed with his run too.


As a recovery run for me – I found it just pleasant enough to keep to the 7mins per km pace, even though I did a little bit of running off and mustering back to do some stretching off. Enjoyed a little bit of backward running too. After all tonight wasn’t about me – it was #Derek’s training run and I was out to just support him.


Tomorrow though is a different thing – back to my own training regime and a bit more of a challenge. Not decided on what to do yet but I am sure it will be ‘Emotional’ … lol

Training Diary – Day 794

#FitnessAssessment – I knew today was going to be a challenge, either physically or mentally – I wasn’t really sure which. The Plan was simple – to run 10miles to a local landmark at a steady pace, with three other running buddies – #Edgie, #Paul & #Peter


Now these guys have been running longer distances, more regularly then I have over the past 7weeks or so, since I sustained my #TornQuad. I was a little concerned about their pace per mile compared to mine – as I was aiming for anything from #10min – #11mins per mile.

The sky was blue, the temperature rising to 14c+ and it was only 11.00am – what else could we endure over the next few miles? The route took us straight into a steady incline that must be about 2km long before turning into a flat stage for about the next 5km. (The final 1km was a gradual climb turning into a steep last 400m or so to the top of the landmark – The Dream. Our pace had been quite steady going up the hills and we completed the first part (8.35km) in a time of 48mins51secs – not too bad and my thigh was generally feeling strong – up until the last 100m of the steep hill climb, then it started to tighten up – Little Head Monsters came bursting into action and I slowed right down to ease the tightness. (An average of #sub9.5mins per mile.)


We took this #BadSelfie photo to show we had reached the top and then set off back down the hill.

The route back, although down hill for a fair bit, wasn’t any easier because of the gradient and the trails/loose chippings under foot. We took it steady and made sure none of us sustained any injuries – especially me. The flat stages enabled us to increase our pace a little bit and I was going to use this as a further test to my fitness – a slight injection of speed/pace during the flat stages would be good to do.

Although we did run a steady pace during the run, I felt quite strong in myself – no pains or concerns about my quad muscle (other than the one at the highest point on the hill climb), so I was really pleased with the outcome of the run. I recorded the return distance/time as being 8.25km in 47mins36secs.


After it was all done & dusted, we sat and enjoyed a short chat about how things had gone for all of us – the total distance was 10.5miles in a time of 1hr36mins27secs, a much better time than we had planned on doing – even for a 10mins per mile pace. We had managed a #sub9.5mins pace far more comfortably than our expectations.

Are conversations then led onto our next #Event – the Liverpool R&R Half Marathon in 5 weeks time. Looking at the potential times we could achieve if training went a little better than today – today’s pace would give us a #Sub2hrs03mins HM time. That would give each of use a New PB.

However, we wanted to aim for a #Sub2hrs time and that would be a realistic time for us to go for. If we remained injury free & trained well over the next 5 weeks then this time was our target.

Training Diary – Day 793


For a change this weekend, I decided to do a New ParkRun course – meeting up with 2 running buddies – #Edgie & #Hilary. It was going to be only my 2nd parkrun in about 7 weeks and I knew it was going to be difficult, as still struggling with my injured Quad muscle. (But these things need to be done.)

I met the others at the course – turning up about 5mins before the run started – hate the hanging around before running, so it was arrive – sync the Garmin – and then off we went. I checked with the other 2 if they were going for a time or just complete the run – I wasn’t going for a time but just wanted to test my thigh muscle. As it was a new course for the 3 of us we decided to run and see what sort of times we recorded.

The course consisted of 2.5 laps around the local park/canal – which turned out to be 3 x Hill Climbing of the Start Line area. Although the hill wasn’t the most difficult/steepest we had run, it was a lot longer than expected. (I do enjoy running up hills as a steady pace – but the warm weather today made this a little hard – even for me.)

The run completed, despite the warm weather, was a good  time for each of us – all 3 recorded sub27mins today and that wasn’t a bad time considering we hadn’t planned a fast one.

My time was confirmed as being –  Your time was 00:26:52.

and I came 2nd in my age category …. yeah!!!

Training Diary – Day 792

My training buddy #Edgie was celebrating his birthday today so it was always going to be a fun session – be it running or bike riding. (He chose to do a long bike ride.)

A little bit of a lay-in meant a later start than normal – so we had to revise the possible routes to take – a really long 80km+ route, a middle 35km+ route or just a short 20km+ one. We decided on the middle route around Runcorn – Warrington – Widnes – Runcorn, should take about 95mins ish … depending on the pace we set ourselves.

The beginning of the every route we take is fairly flat to start with and then after about 7-8km we start getting into the hill climbs – which is great fun for me. I have started to play around with changing the gears now, seeing if this helps me or not.


At the half-way point #Edgie decided to have a bit of funny face fun when we stopped for out drinks station. (We also take this stop as an opportunity for a ‘Selfie’ which usually ends up like a ‘Scary Photo’ time.)

So onwards we went for the return journey and the hardest part of this route – not so much the gradients, more the wind tunnel effect the roads have on windy days like today. For the majority of a flat 7-8km part, it was riding into a ‘Head-Wind’ which then changed into a strong side wind from our right – pushing us all over the road, just as you reach the start of the climbs again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge of increased difficulties but after 28km it becomes more of a mental battle on windy days. (It is the 7th time I have rode this course – 2 of which have been windy days – they are by far the hardest rides.)

Once we had beaten the wind tunnel, the side winds and then the climbs, it back to the flat roads for about 4km, just before we got back to leading up to the Bridge again. You get a good feeling when you reach the Bridge because you know there are only about 5-6km left and it is like a surge of energy comes to your legs again.


In total we rode 23.96miles today – in a fairly good time of 97mins (give or take a few pauses of my Garmin at traffic lights.) Considering we didn’t go all out on the ride, we did much better than we thought we would – it felt like a steady pace but obviously it was faster than we realised.

Now it is time to chill, relax & recover ready for tomorrow’s training – #ParkRunSaturday.