Training Diary – Day 805

What a lovely hot evening it was tonight – plenty of sunshine and blue sky to make the training session more enjoyable. The decision was about where to train – inside the gym or another trip around the local roads… It was down to my training buddy #Derek – as our #HIITs Class was cancelled and we would be left to our own devices today.


It was a short 5km run tonight – not feeling the positivity that I usually have. A #BadDay that wasn’t going to get any better with my training – I have been feeling quite annoyed all day so the frustration was really pent up.

Next it was an hour of weights circuit training – using a range of the different machines to focus on upper body & ABS muscle groups. It was more about heavy weights (for me) rather than high reps. I thought that I had done enough when I finished until I got into my car to drive home again. But for some reason I just felt that I needed to go and do some more training.


I had this mad impulsive idea of going for a bike ride – maybe about 20km to finish off any frustrations I still had. After sorting out my change of clothes and getting my energy drink ready, I then set off – in that direction …..   basically a #RideForestRide mode.


I just rode and rode until I realised I was at the half way point of my middle distance route – a lot further than I had thought about doing – 17.20km. I was full of energy and feeling the need to improve my time for the return journey – and I was going to do it.


This is the route, plus a little extra around the local road to complete the 35km distance. But more importantly I was impressed with my time – 81mins02secs for the distance, knocking off over 4mins+ from my previous fastest time.


Apart from the feeling of being shattered again, the smile in this photo is a genuine one – one of being pleased with my efforts. I will now refocus on setting newer target times to beat over the next few weeks.



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