Training Diary – Day 804

A bit of a rough/disturbed night last night, legs felt sore & achy more than usual – that is another side effect of a ‘rest Day’ that I don’t like. Some stretching and bending before leaping out of bed made the transition to getting up a little easier.


Tonight it was a road run with a training buddy #Derek, which is a fairly comfortable pace for me, as he isn’t a lover of running – more of a ‘got to do it so I will’ type of runner.


We did the above route, plus an extra lap around the gym (an extra 750m) to be just short of 6km tonight – in #sub40mins. This isn’t a bad pace for #Derek and he was trying out a proper pair of running trainers he had bought, (I used it as a recovery/easy run to ease out the stiffness in my quad/calf muscle groups.)


Afterwards, I felt it only fair that I do a little extra than #Derek and went out on my bike to do a short 14km (ish) mainly flat ride, around the cycle paths ways and back. The time wasn’t special (about 27mins) – just a blow the cobwebs off from today. Tomorrow will be back to some proper training and increased challenges.


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