Training Diary – Day 803

A double entry for today as I was too shattered yesterday to update the blog.

Monday – Part One


Monday was a Bank holiday and I had agreed to help yet another New Training Buddy #VickyF with her long run. (I wasn’t running with her, as I’d run the day before, so I was going to use my bike and ride her route with her.) Due to it being her long run from her Marathon training plan, we arranged to meet up at a local railway station – at 05.00am for a really early start. The picture makes it look light already but I can assure you it was still dark.

After a few miles, the sunrise was clearly visible over the farmer’s fields – it make you think you where in the middle of nowhere; the sound of the birds breaking the silence and the empty roads made it very pleasant to run/ride along.

We passed several of the local beauty sites and places of culture during the first 10miles or so – too many to mention but these photos are just a small taste. The ‘Lighthouse’ was really visible along the coastline and we followed it to the ‘Car’ – being puzzled how it had managed to get to its resting place, nowhere near a road or suitable route to drive to…

The return journey back along the coastal path was more of a challenge for both of us, Vicky with her running and now heavy legs kicking in, and my riding along the trail that wasn’t really suitable for my road bike. But all credit to Vicky, she fought her demons, she battled her aches & pains and she even moaned ‘politely’ when I insisted doing a slight additional distance to her route.

I knew she was working hard for the last 2-3miles of her route, she kept on talking about how heavy her legs were feeling – especially going up small inclines that she had smashed at the beginning of the run. The final mile or so, even though flat (ish) was the biggest battle for her – she was definitely fighting any demons to complete the distance and a big #Welldone to her for doing it. (I know it was hard for Vicky because I also found it hard just riding her route – heavy legs and energy levels are barriers that I also had to overcome.)


The route & distance completed and the compulsory ‘Selfie’ photo had to be taken. But don’t be fooled by our smiles … they are just as much a struggle as it was for the last mile. The endurance of running/riding for around 3.5hrs was definitely a challenge.

I was so impressed with #VickyF and all I did was to be her #Official Photographer, Bodyguard, Psychologist, Venting board, Cheerleader, Map reader, Route planner, extra mileage adder, joker, entertainer and maybe a few others that I have forgot – oh even shouted encouragement/ motivation for the last few miles …

Monday – Part Two


After the run/ride – #VickyF went home to her family and I went straight to Liverpool to do the #DragonBoatChallenge – a charity event involving a number of teams in long boats. This was going to be my 2nd year at doing the event and loveld every minute of it last year.


Our gym had registered 2 teams this year and we also renewed our rivalry with a group of local builders we knew. (Last year the builders beat us in the final.) As expected, the banter, the slating, the competitiveness came out again – all in good fun and we did actually support each other’s teams/boats when racing again the other crews in the event.

At the end of our races, which we all worked so hard to do our best – our boat came 4th in the Final, which was no easy achievement considering we hadn’t been in a boat together before this event. The builders came 2nd over all and they did brilliant too.

The day for me had been a very long & tiring one – with lots of energy being used up for me to complete the 2 activities. I was officially shattered and needed to get home for a much deserved rest.


Today, was the complete opposite for me. I had heeded to the ‘Train Smarter’ advice given to me by the #Physio – deciding to have a complete rest day from all exercise and relaxing my aching muscles/body.


I booked an appointment for some treatment on my quad/knee muscles after yesterday’s effort. Luckily for me I was able to get an hour appointment with #Marcus and he sorted out some swelling of my quad/knee and then a massage of my legs to help get rid of the stiffness and heavy feeling in them. I was also reminded of my ‘Train Smarter’ advice he gave me a few weeks ago – which I have been following too. All being well and if I follow the advice given, he thinks I should be fine to continue my training for the Liverpool R&R HM in 3 weeks time – this was all I wanted to hear.


On a different note – the Public Ballot opened for next year’s London Marathon – so everyone I know was applying to do it ….  just had to be done – so I applied but am not expecting to get a place …..   but at least I applied.




  1. #vickyf · May 2

    Nearly made me cry reading that! fab company Mike, you really kept me going 🙂


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