Training Diary – Day 801


We set up a FB group of like-minded sports enthusiasts and today we have designed our own training top – with the above picture across the back. The front will have our own name and one of the symbols to which we are enthused about doing. Only a small group of about 40+ members at the moment but it is growing too.  (That was just some exciting news to do with our training.)

Today’s session was a 10miles+ run with a few hill climbs added in – the longest being about 3km right at the start. My training/running buddy was #PaulB and we did the same route as last week and were looking for an improvement in our times. (To be truthful, I knew I was going to struggle today because of the heavy sessions I have done all week. But that was not going to be my excuse.)

#PaulB has come on really well over the past 12months, increasing both his speed & distances to get New PBs quite regularly. For me again, it was just about getting some miles in my legs – longer runs in preparation for the #LiverpoolR&R HM in 4 weeks.


As usual we checked the conditions and made our plans – the sun was shining and it was going to be a warm one. The forecast was to get a bit windy in the afternoon, making it harder to do this route, the wind tunnel effect comes to mind.

Sadly the forecast was a little wrong regarding the wind. As soon as we hit the main road the wind was significantly blowing straight at us, running into a head wind is difficult at the best of times but this was 2 steps forward, one step backwards. Without realising, we had increased our pace from 9mins30sec pace per mile to sub9mins mile and that was hurting. By the time we had reached the 3miles mark I was struggling with the pace, the wind and had heavy legs – my quad was starting to tighten up too. Luckily for me we met up with 3 other runners from the Running Club – #JohnP, #MarinaM & #JanS, they had gone out much earlier for their long run today. After a quick chat and the problems with the wind, we set off again on our different runs.


Because the ‘Dream Monument’ is on top of the hill, great view of the countryside though, #PaulB was able to go ahead of me along a slightly longer path, whilst I took the shorter but steeper route to the top. This was the halfway point and I needed to do a few stretches whilst sat having my energy drink – and of course the compulsory ‘Selfie’ to prove we reached the top. The distance for me today was 8.1km and my time was 46mins34secs – #Paul obviously did slightly long in a similar time.

The return route is pretty much easier for the majority of it – mainly down hill and some stretches of flat to recover on. Or so you would have thought!! Yeah right … the wind had now changed direction and was a head wind again – straight into our faces with what seemed like more force. The temperature had risen too and we had the swirling dust/bits getting into our eyes and causing another problem for us. It wasn’t as pleasurable as we had expected.


This photo doesn’t actually demonstrate how hot it was at the end of this run – and our ‘Smiles’ in the selfie are more forced than you think. I have to admit I struggled today and was so relieved when it was over – as was #PaulB I assume too. The total distance for the run – according to my Garmine was 16.21km in a time of 92mins52secs – a pace of #Sub9mins30secs per mile. (#PaulB’s distance would have been slightly longer because of his mustering.) This time puts us on track for #sub2hrs2mins for the HM – slightly faster than last week’s pace so not too bad a run as we thought.


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