Training Diary – Day 800



#LazyGitSleptIn – missed parkrun this morning because I didn’t hear the alarm going off. Oh well – no official time but didn’t stop me doing my local 5km road route in 26.18secs.


Pleased with that as my speed is starting to improve again – due to the bike work, and I am getting back to my pre-injury 5km times again.

Trouble for me today was getting called a ‘Lazy Git’ because I missed the parkrun. That was like a major challenge being thrown down to me – which I duly accepted and posted a shout out to anyone wanting to do a long bike ride with me.

A training buddy from a while back took up my challenge – #TonyRange, we used to do a fair bit of running/training together until he got injured and then I got injured – messed our training opportunities up big time.


Anyway #Tony is a big bike fan and has done it for many years – he’s quite good at it really but pretends he is just ‘alright.’  After getting my hair cut yesterday and then going for the bike ride, I had a very sore head because of the helmet rubbing – left a red mark on my forehead. (That wasn’t going to happen today because I bought myself a red buff to wear.)


Despite being tired from this mornings run, I was hoping #Tony was going to push the pace a bit for me – making my challenge just that little bit harder. We did really well on the hill climb sections for the first half of the route – finding our comfort zone/pace whilst still having a bit of a chat about the route.


The return journey wasn’t as windy as we anticipated and we cruised along the ‘wind tunnel’ without too much of a problem. We didn’t have much luck with the traffic lights though, probably got caught by most of them – which slowed us down or stopped us. The final distance was 34.86km for the route and we completed it in a time of 84mins12secs – a fair time and one that showed we both worked hard to do it.

For the rest of tonight it will be chill time and preparing for tomorrow’s long run with another training buddy #Paul. We are aiming for 10miles+ tomorrow as a build up to the Liverpool R&R HM in 4 weeks time. (Just aiming to get as close to the #2Hour mark for the HM over then next few weeks.



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