Training Diary – Day 799



Today involved taking one of the Running Club Ladies out on to the roads for her first long bike ride – #LainLain. She was extremely worried about being on the roads and felt it would prevent her from doing longer distances. I agreed to take her out and do some roads & pathways – but didn’t say how far we would be going.


The usual ‘Before’ selfie at our meeting point – by the Bridge, showing her apprehension about going on the roads. The first challenge was to cross the main bridge and getting to the pathways – approximately 3km or so away. Simple instructions of follow me and stay close to the curbside of the road was the order of the day – speed/time wasn’t important if she was frightened to ride on the roads.


The route was a shortened version of my usual one, but long enough to give #LainLain a lot of confidence on the roads. (At times I was more scared than she was – Road Sense needed to be reinforced, especially when she was trying to ride head-on into oncoming traffic along the dual carriage way ….   Oblivious to the dangers came to my mind.)

At the halfway point I did a little changing of her bike seat setting – she looked really low on the frame, so I raised her seat by about 10cm. Whilst riding back she said her thighs didn’t hurt as much now, so I think it must have helped. Although we didn’t do an official timing for the ride, her return journey was more than 4 minutes quicker than the outward journey.


The only negative part of the ride tonight was the #RideRage I was involved with – when 2 fellas decided to deliberately block the pathway on us. One was ‘Brave’ mouthing it off at me when we passed them – but soon changed when I got off the bike to confront him ….


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