Training Diary – Day 798



First stop tonight was #Alison’s class at the gym – as always she includes multi-levels of difficulty for us to work through. I was quite pleased with her exercise routine because she focused more on the #Core #ABS which I had been looking at myself.

During the class #Ali introduce a few new exercises to me – and after a little bit of apprehension, I found that I enjoyed them more that I expected – so much so that I will look to add them to my own routines too. The session was a good work out as usual and all of us participating found a great deal of benefit out it. (I judge my effort by 2 standards – one is how much I laugh & the other is how quiet I am in the session.) I was laughing a lot tonight – because that is my way of showing that I was hurting – laughing it off.


The 2nd part of tonight’s training was a short bike ride along a flat route – just to ensure that I didn’t get too cold in the chilly wind. Just over 13km in 23mins wasn’t too bad because I hadn’t really planned on going out on my bike – I got home a little earlier than I thought, so just added a little bit extra for the #Fun of it.



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