Training Diary – Day 797



Another night without a training buddy to do my session with. Oh well it just means I can have more fun riding my bike in my own ‘Bubble World’ again …


The route would be similar to last night’s but with a little bit extra added on for a change. That is the advantage of being able to just go out and ride where ever you want to – without worrying about doing too much for your training buddies. The weather tonight, although very chilly, was much better than yesterday – no rain makes a difference. I still had the wind tunnel effect along the Penketh area and by the farmer’s fields.


The route was much harder than I expected for some reason – but to ensure I had enough energy I drank the majority of my energy drink – 1 x tablet per 500ml of water – it does look disgusting but I found it acts very quickly when giving me a boost.


In total, I completed a distance of 30.2km/18.8miles tonight – in a time of 71mins11secs – which wasn’t too bad, a little slower than I thought but I can live with that today.


So to finish off my efforts today – the usual Hot Lobster Bath, a Protein Shake and my legs iced up to help my recovery. That way I can be ready for tomorrow’s efforts and give my best again.


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