Training Diary – Day 796


I call it this name because there are occasions that I don’t have any training buddies available to come out with me – so I just go and train on my own. (Never even think about not going – get into my own ‘Bubble World’ and focus on what I need to do.)


The route is two thirds of my usual round trip – but in reverse. It makes the challenge a little harder because of the head wind/wind tunnel going along the penketh/fiddlers ferry stretch of road – changing from head on to side winds all the time and making you work hard.


To be fair I actually enjoy doing this part of the rides over that area – it really does make me work a lot harder than I would on the flat stretches. On the return journey I flew passed a Club Runner I knew – #Claire YabbaDabbaDoo as she was out for a walk by the looks of it – shouted ‘Hi’ and sped off – lol.

In total, I did 26km+ in 58mins30secs tonight on this route – even though the map shows 29km. (When I had finished at my home I did a short loop around my local area to cool down – as advised by the physio to #TrainSmarter. Me doing cool downs – lol.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am never going to take a #GoodSelfie because I always try my best with 100%+ effort – so I will always look rough. But at least I know it and am not even bothered about it – lol.


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