Training Diary – Day 795

After a real challenge yesterday, I took the advice given to me by the #physio – to ‘Train Smarter’ …  rather than trying to beat myself every session. So a 16.5km long run yesterday meant a recovery run today.


Tonight’s route was for my training buddy #Derek … he is pushing his own limited every time we go out – this was only going to be a 4km run for him, so I told him. (Yeah right – never going to be less than 5.75km in my eyes – but #Derek decided to add and extra lap around the gym roads to make it 6.5km – or 5km in his eyes. He was well impressed with his run too.


As a recovery run for me – I found it just pleasant enough to keep to the 7mins per km pace, even though I did a little bit of running off and mustering back to do some stretching off. Enjoyed a little bit of backward running too. After all tonight wasn’t about me – it was #Derek’s training run and I was out to just support him.


Tomorrow though is a different thing – back to my own training regime and a bit more of a challenge. Not decided on what to do yet but I am sure it will be ‘Emotional’ … lol


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