Training Diary – Day 794

#FitnessAssessment – I knew today was going to be a challenge, either physically or mentally – I wasn’t really sure which. The Plan was simple – to run 10miles to a local landmark at a steady pace, with three other running buddies – #Edgie, #Paul & #Peter


Now these guys have been running longer distances, more regularly then I have over the past 7weeks or so, since I sustained my #TornQuad. I was a little concerned about their pace per mile compared to mine – as I was aiming for anything from #10min – #11mins per mile.

The sky was blue, the temperature rising to 14c+ and it was only 11.00am – what else could we endure over the next few miles? The route took us straight into a steady incline that must be about 2km long before turning into a flat stage for about the next 5km. (The final 1km was a gradual climb turning into a steep last 400m or so to the top of the landmark – The Dream. Our pace had been quite steady going up the hills and we completed the first part (8.35km) in a time of 48mins51secs – not too bad and my thigh was generally feeling strong – up until the last 100m of the steep hill climb, then it started to tighten up – Little Head Monsters came bursting into action and I slowed right down to ease the tightness. (An average of #sub9.5mins per mile.)


We took this #BadSelfie photo to show we had reached the top and then set off back down the hill.

The route back, although down hill for a fair bit, wasn’t any easier because of the gradient and the trails/loose chippings under foot. We took it steady and made sure none of us sustained any injuries – especially me. The flat stages enabled us to increase our pace a little bit and I was going to use this as a further test to my fitness – a slight injection of speed/pace during the flat stages would be good to do.

Although we did run a steady pace during the run, I felt quite strong in myself – no pains or concerns about my quad muscle (other than the one at the highest point on the hill climb), so I was really pleased with the outcome of the run. I recorded the return distance/time as being 8.25km in 47mins36secs.


After it was all done & dusted, we sat and enjoyed a short chat about how things had gone for all of us – the total distance was 10.5miles in a time of 1hr36mins27secs, a much better time than we had planned on doing – even for a 10mins per mile pace. We had managed a #sub9.5mins pace far more comfortably than our expectations.

Are conversations then led onto our next #Event – the Liverpool R&R Half Marathon in 5 weeks time. Looking at the potential times we could achieve if training went a little better than today – today’s pace would give us a #Sub2hrs03mins HM time. That would give each of use a New PB.

However, we wanted to aim for a #Sub2hrs time and that would be a realistic time for us to go for. If we remained injury free & trained well over the next 5 weeks then this time was our target.


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