Training Diary – Day 793


For a change this weekend, I decided to do a New ParkRun course – meeting up with 2 running buddies – #Edgie & #Hilary. It was going to be only my 2nd parkrun in about 7 weeks and I knew it was going to be difficult, as still struggling with my injured Quad muscle. (But these things need to be done.)

I met the others at the course – turning up about 5mins before the run started – hate the hanging around before running, so it was arrive – sync the Garmin – and then off we went. I checked with the other 2 if they were going for a time or just complete the run – I wasn’t going for a time but just wanted to test my thigh muscle. As it was a new course for the 3 of us we decided to run and see what sort of times we recorded.

The course consisted of 2.5 laps around the local park/canal – which turned out to be 3 x Hill Climbing of the Start Line area. Although the hill wasn’t the most difficult/steepest we had run, it was a lot longer than expected. (I do enjoy running up hills as a steady pace – but the warm weather today made this a little hard – even for me.)

The run completed, despite the warm weather, was a good  time for each of us – all 3 recorded sub27mins today and that wasn’t a bad time considering we hadn’t planned a fast one.

My time was confirmed as being –  Your time was 00:26:52.

and I came 2nd in my age category …. yeah!!!


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