Training Diary – Day 792

My training buddy #Edgie was celebrating his birthday today so it was always going to be a fun session – be it running or bike riding. (He chose to do a long bike ride.)

A little bit of a lay-in meant a later start than normal – so we had to revise the possible routes to take – a really long 80km+ route, a middle 35km+ route or just a short 20km+ one. We decided on the middle route around Runcorn – Warrington – Widnes – Runcorn, should take about 95mins ish … depending on the pace we set ourselves.

The beginning of the every route we take is fairly flat to start with and then after about 7-8km we start getting into the hill climbs – which is great fun for me. I have started to play around with changing the gears now, seeing if this helps me or not.


At the half-way point #Edgie decided to have a bit of funny face fun when we stopped for out drinks station. (We also take this stop as an opportunity for a ‘Selfie’ which usually ends up like a ‘Scary Photo’ time.)

So onwards we went for the return journey and the hardest part of this route – not so much the gradients, more the wind tunnel effect the roads have on windy days like today. For the majority of a flat 7-8km part, it was riding into a ‘Head-Wind’ which then changed into a strong side wind from our right – pushing us all over the road, just as you reach the start of the climbs again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge of increased difficulties but after 28km it becomes more of a mental battle on windy days. (It is the 7th time I have rode this course – 2 of which have been windy days – they are by far the hardest rides.)

Once we had beaten the wind tunnel, the side winds and then the climbs, it back to the flat roads for about 4km, just before we got back to leading up to the Bridge again. You get a good feeling when you reach the Bridge because you know there are only about 5-6km left and it is like a surge of energy comes to your legs again.


In total we rode 23.96miles today – in a fairly good time of 97mins (give or take a few pauses of my Garmin at traffic lights.) Considering we didn’t go all out on the ride, we did much better than we thought we would – it felt like a steady pace but obviously it was faster than we realised.

Now it is time to chill, relax & recover ready for tomorrow’s training – #ParkRunSaturday.


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