Training Diary – Day 791

Training Session Part One – a pleasant little 26km+ Bike Ride around some of the local hill climbs. A steady 47mins which isn’t too fast but still enough to get a good work out and a sweat.


(Although the map identifies the distance as 26.66km, my Garmin had it as 28km+.)



So after a few hours chilling & a sneaky little ‘power nap’ after lunch, I sorted myself out for tonight’s HIITs Session with #Alison – having moaned about her last class being too easy for me. Well tonight she made sure I didn’t have any reason to moan about it being easy.

As usual, #Alison sets each exercise at different levels – catering for each of us. But like usual, I change the difficulty for a few of them to make it even more of a challenge. (I know, I know – interfering with her Class but I do make it fun.) Tonight though, If I am honest, it was much harder than I have experienced in a long time – the others in the group even commented on how it had kept me quiet during the exercises …..   (It did too.)

Now for the rest on the evening I am going to relax, have my favourite Hot Lobster Bath and a cup of tea – then to elevate my legs and ice both my knees – not because of any injuries but more to help recovery.


Then it will be time to start preparing for tomorrow’s sessions – planning what to do – a long Bike Ride of 38km+ or a 10miles Run? Then gym afterwards or just chill ….




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