Training Diary – Day 790

Another double entry of yesterday’s training – after feeling quite tired last night.

Started off on Tuesday with a double gym session – first one being a focus on Free-Weights and some upper body strengthening. I have tended to neglect my Arms & core strength for the past 7 months so had to start sometime.


Bench Pressing with free weights and no spotter was a little nerve racking because I wasn’t too sure on how heavy to go with the weights. Settled for 50kg and a series of 10 sets of 10 reps as a starter.


Next was The Dumb bells  –  10kg each and 10 sets of 10 reps in the flat position and then repeated in the inclined position.


Tricep Extension in the seated position was a little uncomfortable, as I had to lean over the elbow pad for the leverage  – 12 blocks for 5 sets of 10reps.

I then went on the Seated Rower and did much heavier weights on this – I quite like this one and know I am fairly strong doing this.  I lifted 11-15 blocks in 5 sets of 10 reps getting heavier each set.

Eskz_f12.jpg large

The Lats Press was much harder after the exercises & muscle groups I had focused on – all chest & upper arms so far.  10 sets of 10 blocks reps.

I also did some other lighter weights and used the kettle bells/medicine ball for some easier lifting. After about 2 hours I had done enough – not over tiring myself but enough to know I had done a fair work out.

My 2nd gym session was going to focus on My Legs & ABS/Core …  hoping to start a new routine for building up these areas and still get out to do my running/riding too.


I did single leg curls/presses with low weights on my left leg – trying to build up the torn quad muscle and thereby strengthen my left knee too. ( A series of 2 blocks in 5 sets of 10 reps.) I repeated this same exercise with my right leg, lifting 3 blocks for the same sets/reps – only because I don’t want to just work my left quads. But at the same time keep working both sets of quad muscle – slowing increasing the left quad weight to being the same as the right quad weights.

I then did the same exercise using both legs and only 2 blocks – was very easy as you would expect but still needed to be done. Slowly building up the strength to be the same hopefully without further injuries.

At this point I then started to work on my ABS/Core – an enjoyable lay down on the yoga mat whilst working hard on my lower ABS – single leg raises, double leg raises, scissor cross overs single & double, single knee bend to straighten raised & double knee bend to straighten raised. Not bad for a gentle start/warm up. (10 sets of 10 reps for each exercise.)


Next was some Russian Twists with a 10kg Medicine Ball – 5 sets of 20 twists per side.

I felt my hamstrings/glutes starting to tighten up so it was a good time to do some piriformis stretches – now these are both painful & awkward to do if you don’t do them properly. I like getting my chest & shoulders as flat as possible on the floor to ensure I get my longest stretching done. (Looks really strange if you see someone else doing it but really does get into the right spot if you are having pain there.)


Wall Squats are one of my favourite exercises and to make it even more fun, I included holding out a 10kg dumb bell weight straight out in front, whilst doing 5 sets of 10 squats – without the weights & then repeated with the weights. The Yoga ball was also used to do some crunches/curls whilst sat on it – then repeated with the 10kg dumb bell weight. This isn’t as easy to keep your balance, as I tended to slide off the ball or the ball rolled further than I expected.

To finish off the day, I arranged to meet up with one of my other training buddies – #Derek. It was a run this time – one that Derek didn’t really look forward to doing. So to motivate him I agreed to him doing a little bit of  ‘Trail Blazing’ around the local hill – he isn’t a fan of road running so we try different routes as often as we can. As we neared the end of the 5km route, Derek asked about doing and extra loop around the business park to increase his distance today – I was shocked because he was moaning about doing an extra 200m when I wanted to add it on. In total we did 6km in sub43mins – the longest distance Derek had ever ran to date.


Now not one for being out done by #Derek, we bumped into #Jodie – another one of our little training Buddies group – she was working hard on the Static Bike, so I decided to do a 10mins cool down on the static bike and have a little chat with her too. She is training for her own event that will be coming up soon – doing it with her work colleagues for charity.

Then it was home – A Hot lobster Bath and some #ProteinShakes to recover.



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