Training Diary – Day 789


Today was going to be different training for me and an experience I have not done for about 7 months – since my last period of gym work in September. My PT – #Mark, used to make me do a ‘Fry Triathlon’ series of fitness tests to get me motivated and also working hard. #Mark did a short version – a 1km Rower, 2km Run & 5km Bike – and that was his warm up for a main PT session. So today I was just going back to basics in my training but at an increased level of difficulty; – 2km Rower, 20km Bike & 5km Run.


Obviously being a ‘Dry Triathlon’ it meant I wasn’t going to do the swimming aspect of a triathlon – especially as the gym doesn’t have a pool. So instead the Rowing Machine takes the place of the Swim.


It had been a while since playing on the Rower so I wasn’t expecting a fast time to do the 2km distance – especially as I had the Ergo on Level 10 and was feeling the pain in my arms & shoulders. But there’s no gain if there’s no pain.  I completed the distance in 8mins51secs – which wasn’t too bad. (Happy with that for a base line)

Then it was a one minute rest/change over on to the next exercise.


Now riding a bike at pace isn’t much of a challenge for me these day – especially only a 20km distance, so I had to make it more difficult without ruining the focus of my doing the ‘Dry Triathlon’. Using the Static Bike I decided to go for the ‘Randon Hill Climbing’ program – which is just up and down Hills at various levels of gradient. To add just a little bit more of a challenge – I increased the gradients to a minimum of level 5. Now this WAS a lot harder with the humidity still being high – #Mark even put the bigger fans on in the suite to try and cool the room down. By the time I had finished the 20km distance, I was soaking wet with sweat and looked like a drowned rat – even got s few funny looks from two Ladies that where also training on the Static Bikes – more looks of disgust probably because their make-up wasn’t even glowing after their session – if you know what I mean. My time for the 20km distance was 26mins16secs

Then it was another one minute rest/change over on to the final exercise.


The dreaded Treadmill – the one piece of gym equipment that I find to bore me silly. It is only 2nd worse to running laps around a track. Anyway I decided on the 5km distance simply because it is the actual distance for one of the Triathlons. Although it was boring, the humidity in the gym made it more more difficult than it would be outside. I completed the 5km distance in 27mins32secs – which was a fairly comfortable pace for me, without really pushing myself too hard. (Was still listening to the Little Monsters in my head – worrying about being injured.)

When I had finished the session today, I was pleased to see that my total time was 62mins39secs for the actual disciplines + 2mins for the rest/change over. As a base line that is going to give me a good indication of target times over the next few weeks – plus making each one a little more challenging each time. I know it isn’t actually the same as a proper Triathlon but it will help in my mental & physical approach to completing one in the future.  (All I need to do now is get into the Swimming pool and start doing the lengths for an actual time range.)

On another positive note – I did a weight day this afternoon – recording another 5lbs loss since my last weigh-in. I am now officially sub199lbs and have lost more than 45lbs since the 1st of January. Well pleased too as only got a few lbs left to lose for my target weight.




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