Training Diary – Day 788

This is a double entry today ….  Covering an event I did yesterday and today’s double training session.

Yesterday was a local event #Hale5Miler – one that I usually enjoy doing and fairly  decent times at the end. Plus a free Easter Egg with your medal.


A bit worried about competing in this event – due to still recovering from a torn Quad muscle – but I thought about taking it much easier than usual – aiming to complete it first and about 50mins if all was good.


My usual Training buddy – #Edgie was there to run with me. But he was planning to stay with me for a while unless I was too slow for him. We stayed close for about 3.5miles when my quad started to tighten up slightly, causing me to ease up my pace slightly. I did find another running buddy #Stu – running at my pace so I stayed and paced him to the end.

Despite going slower than I wanted, I still managed to complete the run in sub45mins – which I was both amazed at & also disappointed with. The other runners I knew finished with lots of New PBs and just around me – so felt quite annoyed with myself because I could have ran slightly faster but the ‘Little Monsters’ had got into my head (Worried about being injured again.)

Today though was different and one that I had decided to push myself further than I would have usually after an event. Instead of a recovery session I did a double session – trying to get rid of all my pent up frustrations & anger.

I set off to do my #DuathlonTraining – a Bike Ride of over 30km at a fast pace and including several hill climbs.

At the halfway point I had completed 18.13km in 39mins 11secs which is about 4mins faster than I had previously done – so first target was met …  to go faster. All I had to do now was to keep it going for the much steeper return journey.

In total I did 38.57km in 86mins 23secs – a total of 3mins faster & 0.57km further than previously. I was pleased with that as an over all time for today – it certainly got rid of a lot of pent up energy.


After a 2minute rest/change over & a drink, I then set off on my local 5km route for running – which is a fairly flat one. I did plan on running the full route but to be honest – I was feeling really tired and heavy legged after the bike ride. I battled through to complete a 3km distance in 17mins11secs before the ‘Little Monsters’ got into my head again. It was time to stop and just warm down by walking back home – which wasn’t far, a 10mins gentle cooling down pace to finish off. (Although I probably could have finished the run – much slower, I was struggling for energy and that was the worry – another injury unnecessarily.


So to sum up today’s session – faster & further on the Bike was pleasing and then an extra Run being added was an impressive inclusion for me. I will intend to include more swimming each week to see if I can speed up my swimming times too.



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