Training Diary – Day 785

Been a number of weeks since my last entry and I have had quite a hectic time during them. I have made a number of changes in my life and as such it has impacted on my training regime.

I have reverted back to doing my own think during my training runs – run when I want and to where I want – which removes me from Club Training Runs. (The reasons for that I will just keep to myself.)

Now that I am focusing on different aspects of what I do, I have decided to aim at doing a Duathlon in October of this year – an 8km run – 38km bike ride and ending on another 4km run…..   As a novice I am led to believe that I have a cut-off time of 3hrs30mins to complete it….   but like most things I am way ahead of that target time – nearer to 2hrs35mins at my last timed efforts.

This has meant more road work on my bike – varying from 25km up to my furthest distance of 83km. (I’m averaging 38km distance in under 90mins regularly now.) On one of my early bike rides I was knocked off and sustained some bruising and a deep cut to my right knee but the next day I was back out again riding for another 35km+ distance.

I have also had another injury to my left knee – about 6weeks ago – with it swelling up quite badly and I had to take 2 weeks off all training – under the advice of my #Therapist  – I seem to remember telling you about this in one of my last blog entries. Anyway – last week the physio I visited thinks that I had torn one of my quad muscles, as he could feel the scar tissue in my thigh – plus my explanation of the injury & how I had sustained it gave him the necessary information he needed to treat it. (He did say I must have a very high pain threshold, as I shouldn’t have been able to train as much as I had.)

In order to recover properly from the injury – which still had a measure of pain and slows me down, I have still been doing some running, more riding but lots of hill work too. I think that I will start to include more swimming too – maybe look at doing an introductory TRI-Athlon before October if all goes well.

I have a few events that I entered back in January, so I am just nursing my way through them at the moment – more of a case of paid for them so will just enter them and complete without any pressure of focusing on times.

Once I’m up to doing some proper training again I will start posting some more blogs/pictures/reviews and share my battles again.



  1. madeupteacher · April 15, 2017

    Hope everything goes well for the duathlon.👍 Different type of injury risk but at least it’s low impact. I once got told I had a high pain threshold by my sports massage provider, lol. Training with torn muscle though? That’s another level🙂


  2. mikehighton · April 15, 2017

    Another level – lol … or just plain stupidity??? I knew something was wrong – rested but got bored. So just continued training. Problem for me, and no doubt you at some point – we don’t train smart.


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