Training Diary – Day 742

#NoRunning2Weeks – Ice, Rest & Recover was the #Therapist Instructions. Nearly killed me following them but I did it. First run tonight – slow & steady = 10km in 60mins05secs. Well pleased with that.


#HappyFace #Smiling #Therapist – big thanks to Duncan Forrest for his support on the extra loop & the new Lady member that came with us too.

I know it may seem a little bit of a self-centered approach, on face value, but 2 weeks without training was such a strain on my ‘Wellbeing’ and I have been so frustrated at now being able to do any proper exercise/training.

All the ‘Little Monsters’ in my head came out in force, playing on my mind and making me feel even worse than I actually was. Then up stepped someone that helped me to change my psychological approach to my injury – focusing on Rest, Ice & Recovery and not on getting back out training too soon. I have called this individual my #Therapist – a bit of common sense being administered in my direction and a touch of ‘Home Truths’ too. This has rung around my head every day for the past 2 weeks and every day I have heard the ‘Home Truths’ over and over again.

Then tonight on the way home from school I decided to take a chance and go for a run – but not without checking with the #Therapist first ….   or should that be getting permission – lol. I had intended on a slow 5km local run tomorrow night after work, but my running buddies all had something on and I knew I needed to check out the injury before Saturday.


Tonight’s Club Run was a bit of a worry for me – how far should I run: what pace; should I actually do it? The only thing I could do was just go for it and see what happened. #Claire & #Jan where the Run Leaders and we had a small group of about 7 of us in total.  The route had 2 parts to it – a big loop and then the added extra little loop for those that wanted the extra distance.

I was feeling fairly good during the big loop, if a little stiff in the legs – that I think was down to the #BringSallyUp sessions in PE today with the kids. Doing squats 3 times was not a good idea – lol. It soon became evident that I was going to be able to complete both loops tonight – even if I was not going all out at my normal pace. #Duncan & #Debbie also wanted to do the extra loop and I was glad for their support/company when we did it. In total – including a little bit of mustering I managed to complete 10km in 60mins 05secs – which I was well impressed with too.

So now it is Ice, Rest & Recover again – as instructed by the #Therapist and a little bit of waiting to see if I have a reaction from my knee or it stays the same as today – fingers crossed.

On another note I am also pleased that my #FitBit STEPS total for today was back up to near my normal figures – 31,000+ just for today.



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