Training Diary – Day 739


Still taking it easy for the next few days – giving my knee as much rest as possible to see if I can run in the 10km event this weekend. Steps total has been fairly low again today – not entered into any International/National Step Challenges with others this week – lol.


27th Feb – Challenge Yourself

So not to be too much of a lazy individual, I decided to do the #SOFA Abs Challenge for tonight’s #fitfeb activity – making sure I did it 5 times for the extra frustration to be used up.

Now for the good stuff – the Challenges to sign up for – keeping the momentum going from #FitFeb …..  Not that I needed any extra Challenges to be added to my list for the year, but!!!

I now have 3 x 10km events & 2 x HM events booked in for the next 2 months – starting this weekend. Also I have a further 2 x HM penciled in for MAY, another 2 x10km and an 8km event too.

On top of these I am working on setting up a team of my Sons & a few mates for the

Tough Mudder North West – Saturday, September 9, 2017

These are the events I know I will be involved in – if injury free. Taking all these into account I think you may consider me as being motivated to continue on longer. (Don’t forget I also have my normal daily training sessions to do when I’m not taking part in an event.)

I’m sure that there will be a few other sneaky events that I can add the remainder of the year. So if you are up for a challenge then sign up for an event; give yourself time to train for it and then go for it.



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