Training Diary – Day 738



You deserve a rest day!
Today has been one of the longest of the past 10 days for me – I have taken the #FitFeb Challenge to its literal meaning of ‘Rest Day’ and had my feet up for the majority of the day. So much so that my #FitBit STEP Challenge total for the day is only : 1719 and all time record low for me. (I usually get to around 24,000+ Steps on a Sunday.
If there is one good thing about today – I have followed the #Therapist Instructions fully and will hopefully see the benefits of resting my knee for the duration.
This next week is going to be a bit of a test for me – both at work and in my training recovery. I have a 10km running event next weekend and will be pacing another runner. That means I need to get out and do a few short runs to see if the knee can cope – or if it swells back up again. All just a matter of waiting & seeing what happens.
In other news it is a shame but we only have 2 days left to go on the #FitFeb Challenge and I would like it to carry on longer because of the enjoyment of doing it. We will have to wait and see though.

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