Training Diary – Day 737


24th Feb – Friday Fun #optC – Movie night in Super SOFA Abs

Did this one last night whilst watching ‘Bad Neighbours2’ on TV – got bored with the movie, so did a few more of the exercises anyway. Then it was time for an early night and a good night’s sleep.

This morning, whilst still under the #Therapist instructions, I volunteered to be a ‘Barcode Scanner’ at the local event. That way I was guaranteed not to run and could also prove that I hadn’t been over doing the exercise for my knee. To be fair, my knee is almost completely back to the usual size, but is still a little achy or possibly tired – so I will continue to rest/recover/ice it over the weekend.
The weather today wasn’t the best – lots of cold, wet wind that soaked through the different layers of my clothing. The #WidnesParkrun went well as usual and lots of people thanking the volunteers for their assistance today – well pleased.

25th Feb – #optB – 10,000 steps challenge! Go for a walk

I managed to complete my #FitBit STEPS total for today around tea-time, after this mornings #ParkRun & a pleasant walk around another local park. Needed to do some sort of exercise to burn off the excess energy I had built up this week through ‘Not Training’ … it does frustrate you too.

Now for the rest of the night it will be another movie on TV and maybe a repeat of last night’s #SOFA Abs Challenge.


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