Training Diary – Day 736

Not been around much over the past few days so unable to do an update on here until today. Have had a few things going on and keeping me busy, so I needed to do them first.


This is something that I have not struggled with this week – more that I have been very frustrated at not being able to do as much as I want to do – my knee was too swollen to exercise and the pain was immense when I tried to run. (Thankfully I knew it was only muscular – my quads, so it was down to me to rest/recover.)

It isn’t very often that I take notice of being told ‘No Running or Else’ but this time I knew the advice was correct – thanks to my #Therapist for that. (NB: I don’t actually have a therapist but a friend that tells me how it is and it is a private joke – lol.) The result of my having some time to rest, recover and ice my knee has been that the swelling has reduced by about 80% and I have more movement & less pain/discomfort in the quads of my left leg. Going to give it another few days to fully reduce the swelling and then start out running again next week.


I also went on a trip to Newcastle to see my family up there and my Grandsons – #Alfie & #Rory – now 5months old. #ProudGrandad.   In 22yrs or so, remember this ….  these 2 little fellas will represent #TeamGB in the Olympics – you heard it here first!!

Whilst in Newcastle I had a 5-6km run route that I do during some free time up there. But being fairly good and following most of my #Therapist advice – lol. I didn’t run around the 5km route but I did do it walking and completed the hills too.

Apart from tiring me out, I was pleased at doing the route about 3 times whilst up there. But shhh!!!   don’t tell the #Therapist


I took every opportunity to walk the route – Day & Night because I felt I could still exercise but with a moderation of being sensible too. What was more important to me – being frustrated or being sensible?


One of the good things that happened as a result of doing the ‘Walking’ up the hills, was that on the way to this monument near the Metro-Line my left knee ‘clicked’ and a sharp pain shot through my knee. WHAT???  you may be thinking…   This made my knee so much better – I was able to bend it fully, bear more weight on it with out much discomfort. I had said a few days ago that I thought it was not right after sitting cross-legged after a PE lesson and felt it needed to click back. I was right too.


The lack of training sadly prevented me from participating in the #FitFeb Challenges for some of this week – which I am disappointed with. But I will do and extra week when it finishes to ensure that I complete the whole challenge.

20th -22nd Feb; unable to do any challenges, partly due to injury and partly due to no access to them in the hotel.

23rd Feb – A New Thing   #optB – Try one of the 53 free #lifehack activities:

I did several things yesterday – Went to visit friends that I hadn’t seen for a while; Had a good walk locally on the flat; Been reading a book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ for a more positive outlook on life; Chilled last night watching music videos on YouTube.

Later today I will look at doing the next challenge but for now I’m still resting my knee.

#FitBit STEP Challenge has been very minimal too this week – really low number of steps for me but just enough to keep me active. (Think it will be less than half of my normal weekly total too.)



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