Training Diary – Day 731

Today was a much needed ‘Me Day’ and a little bit more time to assess my knee/muscle injury. After a very disturbed night of sleep – the discomfort from the swelling, I had to use the ice pack all night. There was absolutely no way that I would get through the day without some painkillers/anti-inflammatory tablets – the swelling was the only problem causing me discomfort. I used my YOGA ball during breakfast to try and get more mobility/bending in the knee and loosen the quad muscles.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 19


Today was the last Cross-Country Event for the Running Club and I was supposed to be running in it – obviously not!!  So I had to make the effort of still going and to support both teams – I was one of the Cheer Leaders & the Photographer. I did try and go in disguise but think I was still spotted.

NB:  I was absolutely shattered in these photos and that was without any training. I just wanted to do my bit and then go home for a sleep.    The Running Club did fantastic and I was very proud of being there with them.

Tomorrow is my turn for a treat – going to see my #Alfie & #Rory Grandsons in the North East – really looking forward to giving them #ProudGrandadHugs again.



#Rory on Left    Dad (Zak)   #Alfie on Right


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