Training Diary – Day 730

#Yeah #ParkRunSaturday ….  but not too much of a celebration for me today. A minor muscular injury to my left knee/quad has prevented me from running – been told to ice/rest & chill for a few days. I still attended the #ParkRun and volunteered to do the ‘Barcode Scanning’ … which I’ve done before too.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 18

Luckily for me today, the #fitfeb challenges are something I could do without causing any further damage to my injury.

1.    #optA  – Take part in a local 5km @ParkrunUK  – As identified above I was a volunteer at today’s parkrun and it enabled me to be more of a ‘Motivational’ influence by encouraging everyone in my own individual way …

2.   #optB  – 10,000 steps challenge! Go for a walk with friends, family or dog.  – I surpassed my 10,000 steps very easily – think by lunchtime. This meant that my ‘Walking the #FurKid’ along my 5km run route was a bonus – as you can see from the photo, Mollie is sprawled out on the floor shattered. (Even injured I do too much for the dog.)
So for the rest of the night I will be resting & recovering as ‘Instructed’ by my ‘Therapist’ … and hopefully have an improvement again tomorrow morning. I’m going to spectate & support the Club cross-country team tomorrow – being a photographer too.




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