Training Diary – Day 729

Woke up this morning with my left knee totally swollen and stiff. No pain in my knee but plenty of swelling on the quad muscles – was feeling rather sad as I hadn’t done owt too strenuous at last night’s run.


The only think I can put it down to is my sitting on the floor after PE with my class yesterday afternoon – when I tried to stand up my knee felt tight, but no pain. I run thought I’d sat funny on my leg.

Today it was a matter of using some ‘Cooling Gel’ to freeze it for a while – seemed to work until the painkillers wore off around lunchtime and I had to get some more to take. After leaving school straight away – I went and booked a physio appointment for tomorrow afternoon, to try and get a little advice before I start doing too much damage. In the meantime, it is iced, elevated and resting from running for today.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 17

#optC – ‘Active Stroll’ for all the family.

Seen as I am not meant to be running tonight I thought this would be the safer activity to do. I am #FurKidSitting this weekend and someone has to take ‘Mollie’ out for a walk. I decided as long as I didn’t run, I could still do the flat 5km route that I usually run for a recovery. As you can see by her eyes – Mollie didn’t enjoy the walk as much as I did. She was shattered and just flaked out on the carpet in front of the TV.


My knee wasn’t painful after the walk, but has begun to stiffen up again – think more ice is needed to rest it over night. I will be going to the #ParkRun tomorrow, but only to marshal – as I have volunteered to do BarCode Scanning instead of running.



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