Training Diary – Day 728

Long day again today which meant I was in a rush to get home and do my training sessions – Club Run and #fitfeb Challenge.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 16

16th Feb – A New Thing –  #optC  Play a sport in the park or garden with your kids or friends…be kids again! Well it wasn’t really a new thing for me if you just look at the fact that I did another run. But I did do it differently than normal, running at a much slower pace than I can – making sure that we all had fun & a giggle during it. Took loads of ‘Selfies’ too. (See Below.)
The Thursday night Club Run was a different route tonight, not the ‘Loopy Loops’ but a longer big loop with an added smaller one for those that wanted to do the extra distance. Our group was quite big and we really just had some fun & a giggle doing the course.
All of us worked hard doing this route and it felt tiring when you run slower than usual – working at a much shorter stride length to keep at the back of the group.

As you can see from the Before & After Selfies, we had a smile on our faces during the whole time.

On a different note: My next running event Race Number came in the post today – St Helens 10km in 2 weeks. However, I added my little mates names on to the bib and it looks fantastic – they will be the youngest entered at 20wks old and it is training for their #TeamGB2036 squad.



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