Training Diary – Day 727

Part One:


Two years ago today, I was sat at home wondering what the future held for me – after my knee collapsed underneath me during a PE lesson. I was made aware about 6 weeks earlier that it would happen but never took much notice of the Doctor – just carried on training with my injured knee. It was the total & utterly demoralising day of my life – and I mean that truly!!

From being at my fittest level ever – for many years, I had built up a ‘Strong Training Mentality’ (though some would say a compulsive trainer) and was enjoying my new found enthusiasm for a lost passion for sport, I was now told ‘No Sport’ until I had undergone the required surgery – but not when it was going to happen. What a sad person I must sound.

To keep my mental state in some sort of balance, I was advised to start my own blog, recording my journey through the different stages of Pain, Depression, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Recovery on then the New Stage in my sporting life. I have spent the last few weeks revisiting the early days of this blog and reflected on how luck I have been to get back to my current level of fitness again.

I recall being told 4-6months off work was the prognosis and to keep off my feet for 8weeks. I did – sort of, but still did exercises for the rest of my body. Picture on the Left was my 1st day on crutches that I was allowed to weight-bare. The picture on the Right was 2 weeks later – I wasn’t going to keep to the crutches. 11953225_10152981819611196_1607282935586949798_n

This picture was my 2nd day on my crutches – weight-baring. It was just after walking around the whole wall of Conwy Castle – took me about 2 hours to complete and I was totally shattered, sleeping in the car on the way home.


I don’t actually have a photograph of the 3rd week of weight-baring but I can tell you that I ran 5km around the local area – in about 38mins and it was the most tiring run I have ever been on. But I did it without stopping!! Since then I have worked hard to regain my level of fitness, my previous weight, the motivation & enthusiasm I had prior to my injury/surgery. I am not there yet but I will continue to achieve my goals, my desire to be my best again. I do not let setbacks, age – now a few years older, failures or ‘Others’ prevent me from doing my best.


This picture sums me up far more than I could ever explain – I really do hate rest days. Many other people who I have trained with often comment that my ‘Recovery’ sessions are like their ‘Full Training’ sessions and that I should take it much easier. I just ask them ‘Why?’ …  They can’t convince me that I should. I do my training in the manner that I do because I have lost the ability once and I don’t ever want to be in that situation again – therefore I keep as fit as I can.


They may be right too but I am happy in my life and if it makes me smile I will continue to enjoy it.

Part Two:

Now for an update of today’s training sessions – I do mean sessions too.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 15

#optB – Feeling DAREing try 7 rounds of DAREdice #Beast – I did this early again tonight and had planned on doing a 2nd option too. But I was enjoying playing the game of rolling the dice and giggling at getting similar exercises consecutively – seems my lucky number was 16 and my favourite exercise was the Basic Burpees ….  I did the 7 rounds for the task and could say my legs felt heavy afterwards.
After a 15mins rest I went on the local 5km+ run around my home – took it very easy tonight, #sub30mins and just enjoyed listening to my music on my headphones ….
I was pleased to do this route after last night’s interval sprints – made me have an opportunity to just stretch off the stiffness in my legs, at the same time of having a little bit of ‘Me Time.’

Part Three:

I am looking forward to 12 months of entering more events than last year. The target is meant to be 10 events in total, but I have already completed 5 of them in the first 5 weeks of 2017 – with another 2 x HMs & 3 x 10kms already booked in for the next few months.

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