Training Diary – Day 726

Home earlier than usual tonight so got myself sorted with the #fitfeb Challenges before going on a Club Running Session tonight.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 14

I reversed my routine today to see if it made any difference in my Yoga/Pilates performance. Doing my run afterwards. First I did this challenge and felt fairly good, if you ignore the odd wobble.

 #optB  Yoga – Balancing Stick Pose – Total spine stress relief  – bit of a cheat that picture in the link. How can you keep that straight ‘T’ line without falling over? I managed to do both sides and found that the more I was off-balance then the more my hamstrings pulled/became tight. Still did it and not as bad as expected.

Next I did this for my 2nd challenge and this was much more fun.

#optC Yoga – Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Seated Twist) Stretches shoulders, hips and neck.  I do something similar for my piriformis stretches and I knew about the benefits from doing it. Never thought of doing it in the seated position as I normally do it on my tummy to get a much longer stretch of my glutes/hamstrings etc ….   I actually liked doing this one too.

It was an interval session tonight, around a loop near the Club Meeting place. The run lead tonight was #Alison and she was looking forward to hosting the session I think. After her run briefing it was off to the loop location and then we had a discussion about how to make the session a little more interesting:

#ValentinesClubRunSession – Well done by Alison Lysons for leading the group tonight. Great idea to have Boys & Girls Intervals – was novel to have if you caught the opposite group you had to kiss them….. amazing how fast people ended up running to avoid being caught. Great effort all round & to the New runners that joined us.

I recorded 5.24km of speed loops & the warm up run there – taking #sub26mins for me. I was impressed with that considering I hadn’t done this route before.


As part of the #fitfeb #teacher5aday challenges this week it is ‘Selfie’ time. Posting a selfie of your exercise or doing the challenges. I had to ask the Lady in the local shop to take this picture – lol.

#FitBit STEPS count for today is over 30,000 so far and I am quite happy with that too.


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