Training Diary – Day 725

Been a bit lazy today – felt quite tired all day so took it easy on my usual Monday night run. A short 5.30km recovery run after yesterday’s longer run around the hills – steady pace of #sub28mins and a good listen to some music on my headphones.

Had this song on repeat for the last 10mins and it made me feel relaxed and focused doing the long straight pathway.   It is the Image Dragons – Not Today, from the Movie ‘Me before You.’


Then is was home for my attempts at the #fitfeb challenges for today.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 13

 HIIT Circuits  –   #optB – Burpee Pyramid Workout

In the main, this circuit routine wasn’t that bad – if you ignored the short rests between each ‘Rep’ – that was more of a mental issue to get restarted for the next set. I found the 4mins & 2mins Reps more of a challenge, as I tried to keep up the pace of the other Reps, failing miserably because of the tiredness setting in.

I enjoyed doing the Burpees, Press-Up and Frog Stamps – even if my backside stuck up in the air like a bike rack. The Jump Squats just became like baby jumps – I added a 90 degree turn for each one just to stop the boredom.
Like I said at the start of today’s blog – tiredness kicking in, so no 2nd #option challenge for me. Just pleased that I managed to complete the challenge after my run. Might look at changing the routine around tomorrow – doing the #fitfeb challenge first and then my running afterwards.

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