Training Diary – Day 724

Only thing I can say is that I earned my extra hours in bed today – woke up at 11.00am and had a little panic because was going running at 12.00pm. But I knew my running buddy – #Edgie would be early. A quick bowl of cereal and a cup of tea was the order of the day, followed by a shower and dressed.


We had planned on going for a longish run today, weather permitting and of course being injury free. #Edgie is recovering from a hip injury so it would be a good test for him, whilst I am increasing my shorter runs to aim for 15mile runs over the next month or so.

As expected #Edgie turned up early, 11.25am and I wasn’t ready – as usual too. We had a bit of a chat and I suggested 2 different distances for us to do – 13km or 16km. We agreed to wait and see how we felt at the halfway point of the route, one being an extra loop added to the other to make up the extra 3km.

The biggest factor today for us was the weather – freezing cold, wind chill factor and a head wind. All of which made the pace that little bit harder when running up hills/climbs.  It was so cold that my sweaty top began to freeze even whilst I was running – that was down to the head wind.

At the half-way/turn round point we had managed to complete 6.65km in 37mins44secs and that felt reasonably good considering the course/conditions. We agreed to do the shorter 13km distance today – not because it was hard but the temperature was dropping even whilst we ran. So a change of focus on the return journey meant we wanted to do a similar time or as close to it as we could; a negative split would be even better though.


The one surprise we had on the return journey, wasn’t the climbs (we knew them), wasn’t the temperature either (we could feel that), it was the fact that the freezing head wind had changed direction 180 degrees and was now back into our faces, rather than behind us. That was more of a challenge to keep battling – the climbs slowed down a bit more and the flat was like running in treacle – 5 steps forward 1 step back. Our return journey was about 45 seconds quicker in the end, so a negative split of sorts. The total time for the distance was #sub75mins – 13km+


The standard ‘Selfie’ at the end of the run and you can see we are dressed similarly – both wearing our #MadDog10km event shirts from last Sunday. Trouble is though, we both nearly always wear similar running kits and it is getting a bit of a joke between us – lol. It isn’t planned in the slightest but does make for a giggle when we turn up somewhere together.


We are as much like twins as these pair – I’m the big fella & #Edgie is the little bloke – lol



#FitFeb Challenge Day 12

Well I hope that this challenge is open to interpretation, otherwise I am going to be in trouble again with the Group. ‘Technically’ as long as you enjoy something, it can be classed as ‘Fun Time’ for you. This being the case, I recovered and had a rest today, doing something that I enjoyed and had fun at the same time. (I’m sure a Court would agree with me on that one.)
Now that being the case and in the spirit of the challenges, I would like to say I have completed today’s challenge too. Even if these pictures don’t show you that …

#FitBit STEPS for today are lower than yesterday, around 25,000 so far but over 65,000 for the weekend.

Only think left to do is keep warm and chill tonight and start to look forward to  next week’s

#fitfeb Week 3 Challenges





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