Training Diary – Day 723

A very much needed extra 2 hours in bed this morning – because #ParkRun starts at 9.00am – Yeah!!

The plan was to do some pacing for 2 Ladies that run at our Running Club, but for some reason we didn’t manage to meet up, even though we where all at the ParkRun at the same time.

I was going to wear my New #MadDog10km Shirt from last weekend’s event. Looks so cool too.


Not to worry – I found someone else who would benefit from my support – a guy that was trying too hard to run too fast but couldn’t keep up his pace. After a few hits/tips with him whilst we ran, he slowed down and began to run more. (#Kathryn from the Club also joined in supporting him too.)

On the final lap the guy said his best time was around 35mins+ and that he wanted to beat it if he could. I pointed out that his pace was much slower than that but we could improved today’s time with a little more effort – was he up to it though?

“Keep pushing me and I will do my best” was his reply.

Little did he know he was actually going to smash it anyway but I knew he had a much bigger heart than he thought. As we all sprinted(ish) over the finish line he was absolutely wrecked and had given his very best. A much struggled ‘High 5’ and a ‘Thanks’ came from him and he was so pleased to have finished. When I told him that his actual time was 32mins24secs and that he had knocked over 3mins of his previous best, he just gave me the sweatiest hug and was clearly delighted with his time.

It had been another easy run for me and I thought about doing some extra training later. By the way the 2 Ladies I was supposed to meet – they both achieved #Sub30mins and got New PBs each too.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 11

This challenge was the only one I could do but still managed to improvise and adapt it by making it more of a challenge for me – not worth doing if I don’t benefit out of it.

#optA –  Make it to the top of your local hill/highest point around. Tweet us your view. – there are a number of fairly good long-ish hills around my home area so I was going to be spoilt a bit for choice. So I had a plan to visit 3 of them and park my car at the bottom of each – before running up to the Top of each. (That way I could still ‘Technically’ complete today’s #fitfeb challenge because it doesn’t say I couldn’t run up them. I did walk back down though!!)
This photo is about half-way up Heath Road and continues for another 1km ‘After’ the traffic lights before it levels off. I only ran to the traffic lights from about 300m before this photograph.
Similarly, this photo is also about half-way up Weston Road and the brow is the Top. I started about 400m before the photo is shown.
My final picture is from the Top of the local Historical Castle – and shows the view across the River Mersey Estuary – the New Runcorn/Widnes Toll Bridge is still being build in this too. (I’m going to get some grief about calling the bridge that name – lol.)
I saved the last hill for best, much shorter than the other two but much more of a gradient to climb – think about 400m only from where I started running up. I could have started about another 1km away but I was actually feeling tired by doing this.
On a positive note – I have found more hills to do intervals on than I had known about and several other smaller ones too. So ‘Thanks #fitfeb’ for the idea of looking around my local area – I would usually go to Widnes to do some hill work.
Tomorrow’s training session is going to be a longer 10km+ run to make up for taking it easy on the #ParkRun – weather permitting!!
#FitBit STEP Challenge for today – was over 40,000Steps.

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