Training Diary – Day 722

Just when you think you deserve a little rest, all hell lets loose and your time is suddenly taken from you. (Yeah been one of those days again – 4th time this week.) The only positive thing about this happening is that I get to do some more training & #FitFeb Challenges.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 10

Split into two sessions again tonight – one before my evening run –
Stretching circuit – The best athletes have rest days. – felt heavy legged today during school so needed to get rid of as much stiffness as possible first.
and the other after my run and time to cool down/stretch off. I also did the more challenging stretches before the run to get my legs loosened up more than usual – been a long week & running events. See there is a method in my madness.
Stretching circuit – Stretch today smash it tomorrow. – I think I was right to so the challenges the opposite way round and felt quite pleased with my self afterwards – easily pleased as you can tell.
Not the most flattering of photos but does show what I look like after putting the effort in. (The shirt is a pale grey colour when not sweaty wet – TMI I know.)
My run was the usual flat course for one of my #LadyRunningBuddy gang – #Charlotte so although only 5km – they all mount up and add to a good total of sprints/hills & hard work.
Tonight’s time was #Sub27mins – a fairly steady time in the cold and splattering of snow flakes & rain. The hardest part was the wind chill factor – that meant the extra layers on to keep from freezing.
After thawing out with my finger-tips feeling as though they had fallen off, I warmed up with a hot cup of tea and a piping hot shower – no Hot Lobster Bath tonight due to feeling too tired to wait for it to fill up.
Now time to chill and listen to some #MoodMusicChillTime – soppy songs and videos on Youtube. Preparing for tomorrow’s #ParkRun – Saturday Special …
#FitBitChallenge – February Step Count so far is over 300,000 steps. Aiming for over 800,000 Steps again – beat last months too hopefully (850,000+)

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