Training Diary – Day 721

Another hard day at school with so much going on it has mashed my head and I needed to clear it properly.


#FitFeb Challenge Day 9

#optA   No 48. Read: Reading is a great accompaniment to your life.

Today’s #fitfeb challenges – ‘Try a New Thing’ enabled me to do something I like but very rarely get time to do – Read a book for pleasure. The book was recommended to me by a Running Buddy and was how to keep a positive mindset through life’s daily challenges. (The book is called – Law of Attraction, the Universe has your back, by Gabrielle Bernstein.) I had a little read before going on my run tonight – planning on a little bit more before bed too.

My 2nd challenge – as usual is:

#optC   Set a new PB (personal best) either in distance or time in ANYTHING active.

Wasn’t too sure I could do this again this week, as the Club Run tonight included my favourite activity – ‘Loopy Loops’ with plenty of hill climbs included – YEAH!!!  Aren’t I a #Saddo because I enjoy doing the tough hills…


Tonight’s course was a steady climb – think it is about 2km long and gets steeper near the top by the Railway Bridge. The last 200m is hard but great too. Our group of runners where great tonight – we all worked to keep the pace up the hill and mustered back several times to ensure the group stayed together. For me – with mustering I managed 7.5km in 42mins so I was impressed with that, especially as I wasn’t pushing myself and was just encouraging the others to work hard.


Once I got home – it was a Hot Lobster Bath and about 6 of these little beauties – Ice Cold and very enjoyable.



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