Training Diary – Day 720

Long & hard day at school today – needed to clear my frustrations at not being able to do everything I wanted to get through. So it was a look at today’s #fitfeb challenges – CORE.

#FitFeb Challenge Day 8


Two options open for me as usual and I thought they would be fairly good to do before my Club Session Run … 
#optA – Total Abs – quite a good gentle one to get you working hard on your targeted areas. I enjoyed doing the Side Planks & the Sitting Twists (I know them as Russian Twists.) I did 4 reps of each exercise.

and then followed by …

#optB – Power Abs – same again the Twists, Planks and Leg Raises are easy. Did 4 reps of each exercise again. (Although I am saying it was easy – I was saving some energy for my run later.)

 Now for the tough bit … the Yoga exercises ….  I received a notification from #KerryMac showing her Yoga stances for the day – only did 26 poses she said …..   Gawd!!!   I hated trying a few of them, bit like ‘Bambi on Ice’ not balanced enough to do them. I always thought that my core balance was fairly good, how wrong was I!!!   Did not like being clumsy in the slightest – definitely not one of my strengths as a skill. So I called it a day on doing those poses and prepared to go for the Club Running session as a vent.
A larger group than normal came tonight, with quite a few newer runners to this session – meaning that we could muster a few more times if need be. I stayed with the steady group and we worked well to do the route we took – I measured 8kms on my Garmin, with the mustering for me tonight. Not bad if you throw in the gentle climbs we did too. Just what I needed to get rid of the frustrations.
Now it is time for the foam roller to ease the stiffness out of my legs & to loosen my ABS & Buttocks a bit too.

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