Training Diary – Day 719

Home from school tonight a little later than normal so it was  a quick snack and out for a local run to keep my routine going. No one else wanted to come out and play and I was to late to go to the Club Training Session.


Quick a slow run for me tonight too – 5km in #sub29mins only. I put this down to my choice of music tonight, listening to some really soppy tunes that relax you – in my case, ready for the #FitFeb Challenges when I get home. (To be honest I was not looking forward to doing them – but I have signed up to give them ago.)

#FitFeb Challenge Day 7



So today was supposed to be a relax challenge using the #FitFeb #options – yeah right!!

#opt A   –  Pilates – Criss-Cross Crunches (Develops core strength and stability.) Did this and thought ‘I like this Pilates lark’ – too easy and should be harder to get any benefit…..
Next I did this:
#opt B   –  Yoga – Triangle Pose  (Strengthens core, opens hips and shoulders.) Repeat for left Triangle.  Yeah did this for both sides and felt a little bit harder, needed to work more on my balance at first. Again, this Yoga Lark is simple and could be harder.

At this point I’m thinking that I should have gone for a longer run tonight – not even sweating with these challenges. Suppose I should be looking at doing the last option for today.
#opt C Yoga – Locust Pose  (Tones and strengthens entire back.) This one is a bit like a Dorsal Raise – so should be easy too.  Then POW!!!!!  Who was the sick individual that invented this as an exercise – I want to meet them down a dark alleyway.
In order to do them properly I have to watch the videos, that way I know I am at the very least attempting to do what they say. But during the 3rd video I was shouting at the TV – in a less than relaxed tone – ‘I am pushing my pelvis into the ground, raising my elbows, head/feet.shoulders too.’    It was like I had a #SpyCam watching me. As it is not my usual form of exercising, relaxing that is, I did find these more of a challenge. Last night’s where great because I just continued until I was tired – but these are all about having a focused approach and maintaining body position & tension……    (I wanted to throttle the fella narrating in the 3rd video – only sensations I was getting was anger/frustration …   Basically I wasn’t very good at doing that Locus Posemore like a Skydiving Elephant.)
Please, Please, Please – no more ‘Bendy me Shape me’ – I’m not good enough to do it yet and it is scary…..



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