Training Diary – Day 718


#FitFeb Challenge Day 6

#optC @Darebee :    Boy, that escalated quickly!  Circuit 3

I must be doing this one wrong – never hurt as much after exercising, as I did tonight doing this. Was I supposed to do each of the exercises for the three groups? Then repeat for sets of either 3, 5 or 7 times?   I could only manage to do 5 sets of all three exercise groups – and YES!!!!    I did feel much pain.
As for my regular training for today – I was involved in a Football Tournament for Y3/4 boys/girls  3.00pm to 5.00pm – in the pouring rain & chill factor wind. Didn’t enjoy it one bit because the little kids kept getting upset because they were cold & wet ….  So was I!!  But when you tell them to bring warm clothes – it will be cold and they don’t take any notice – it is hard not to point out they where told.
Once home, it was a quick shower to warm up and get ready for my recovery run – after yesterday’s #MadDog10km. To be honest I wasn’t in the mood to go for it – still feeling the cold and not warmed up yet.

“But if I preach it I have to do it ….”

Out I went – waterproof jacket, bobble hat – looking a right prat, gloves and my flashing armbands. I wasn’t going to go far, just enough to satisfy my conscience to say I had trained today.


Back along #Charlotte’s 5km flat route – pace wasn’t particularly fast, though fast enough to get me home out of the rain, in a time of #sub28mins. #HotLobsterBath was very enjoyable – warmed up my little toes no end …..

Oh nearly forgot to mention. Last night after I had woken up from my unexpected early evening nap, I did something again – lol.


Entered yet another event for this year. I’m getting a bit carried away now I think….. only meant to be doing 10 events this year but already completed 5 events in 4 weeks. Good job I don’t spend my money on wasted things!!!


Some kind person –   (also involved in the #FitFeb #teacher5aday challenges) found this picture near her home. I just loved it and have shared it with my friends.



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