Training Diary – Day 717

#FitFeb Challenge Day 5


Unfortunately I couldn’t do these challenge options today – I had the #MadDog10km running event to do – been training for it and booked in months ago. It was supposed to be the best event of its type, selling out within days of going on sale. I would be my first time of entering so I wasn’t going to give my place up.


So I hope that my ‘Rest & Recovery’ day can be a 10km run – pacing my running buddy through an injury spell?


An early pick up as we travel to Southport, North of Merseyside, to run along the coast road & then through the Town Center. Several 1000’s competing and we had different ability sections to start at. The fun & banter was amazing and one of the best atmospheres I have experienced at a running event.

Although the majority of the course was flat & fast, the weather did play a little part in your timings. Last year the wind was a head wind and caused problems for the runners. This year, a much gentler wind was here – but the sun was out and the temperature was a lot warmer than everyone expected. (Wearing ‘skins/underarmour’ wasn’t such a good idea then.)

To be fair, the run seemed to go by very fast and the event was over quicker than expected too – doing a km countdown for #Edgie, my running buddy, we didn’t realise the end so so close at 7km and it made the last few km much more fun to enjoy the scenery & other runners. No New PB for either of us today – #55mins time recorded. But it was the ease at which the time was achieved – felt as though I wasn’t trying to push myself and I was physically much stronger.


Crossing the finish line to see loads of our Club Runners finishing & cheering each other made me feel so proud to be a part of this new running club – what a great bunch of people of different ages & abilities.

I could post so many other pictures of the day and how much fun we had. I would say that the event lived up to its reputation and beyond. The Medal, T-Shirt & Goody Bag are by far the best I have ever seen.


Just a few more pictures of the fun we had at the end;

But don’t ask me to smile & take a photo at the same time …. not my best attributes.

So it was time to travel back home and have a well earned rest, after a hard few weeks of training & 5 tough events in 4 weeks.

However, that wasn’t the end of my day. Despite trying to keep to my own training, helping others with their effort & then motivating people to have a positive impact on their own training, I was about to update this blog with today’s event. I had decided on having a little nap and ignore the notifications going off on my phone – too many in the end. To my surprise and more importantly, a humbling & embarrassing series of #Tweets/#Messages came through.


A large group of people both Nationally & some Worldwide are taking part in a month long #FitFeb series of daily challenges, as have I. Not only had I completed more than the daily challenges, I have been doing my own training on top – plus sharing my experiences with them through this blog. I was very proud to be awarded the Top prize of this:


A reward for just doing something I enjoy doing – training, sharing ideas & motivating others to be more confident in their own abilities. A skill we all have but rarely have the confidence to step out of our comfort zones to do.

So in my very humble way I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has been involved in my training this first week and to the organisers of #FitFeb Challenges for a wonderful ending to a brilliant week.

In my own pearls of wisdom –

‘ A New Week and New Challenges’


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