Training Diary – Day 716

#FitFeb Challenge Day 4

Still doing the challenge today – but this one is going to be quite hard for me, in that I will have to significantly reign in my enthusiasm & direct approach to training. I have taken:

#optA – Take part in a local 5km @ParkrunUK  (Tweet your time.)   as my participation activity.
So to ensure fairness all round, plus I intended to take it steady today because of the #MadDog10km Event we are all involved in tomorrow, I volunteered to help out at my local #ParkRun.
That’s a cop-out in my mind but one that I thought would benefit others, whilst still enabling me to do the #FitFeb challenge too. So my volunteer roll was important to prepare me for tomorrow – Tail Runner it was going to be.

The Run Director did her briefing, with a special memo to me – don’t push the tail runners too hard so that they don’t enjoy it. I had indicated that I would be motivating /encouraging the back markers to improve themselves – should they wish to do so.  I had a chat with quite a few of the back markers on the first lap of the 3, getting to sound out what they could do, wanted to aim for and if they could challenge themselves if encouraged.

By the start of the 3rd lap of the 3, I was down to a small group of 4 Ladies and a Little Lady too – all of a similar pace, some walking and some mixing walking & jogging up. The Littler Lady – Hannah & her adult – Fiona, where having a private battle between themselves, I just kept catching them up and encouraging Hannah not to let her adult beat her – lol. The other 3 Ladies with me, from the WW Club, had a target time they had thought was too much for them – finishing it was their first target (never in doubt with me there), or as close to 50mins as possible would be their best ever time.

Now that I was aware from their target times, it made my job a little easier than I anticipated – I just had to keep talking/chatting to them and distracting them enough so that they forgot about the timing.

Hannah – the Little Lady beat her adult, to the sound of the cheering marshals/runners/spectators at the finishing line – a great big grin on her face. Her adult, Fiona, was also very pleased with her time too. Now my 3 Ladies from the WW Club suddenly got competitive over the last 150m and increased their pace – a bit more power walking speed. They knew that I had to be the final finisher and because I was creeping in front of them, they went much faster towards the finish line. They did very well and I recorded their time as sub46mins – well under their best ever target time – so a New PB for each of them too.

My reward from today’s experience was not in my own performance …  more in the results of those 5 Ladies and how much effort they put in to completing their own personal races. The lesson learned today is, that no matter your ability or level of fitness, unless you are prepared to put ‘effort’ in to every thing you do – then you won’t get the rewards. These Ladies where motivated enough to do their best and will see this as a springboard for their next efforts. (I heard them chatting about changing their arrangements next weekend so that they could do it all over again – that made me feel so inspired & humbled by my own efforts.)

For the remainder of today I intend on just relaxing and getting my kit ready for tomorrow’s #MadDog10km – my turn to be motivated and to try my best.



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