Training Diary – Day 715

#FitFeb Challenge Day 3

Ok I admit it ….  I circumvented the challenges today. They where too easy for me so I included a few extra to make me feel happier with my training.

Decided to do include the Year 6 today in the #FitFeb Challenges and we got straight into them – working with ‘SALLY’ because they have done them before with me.

Monday’s Options:  #optB ‘Bring Sally Up Challenge 2’ – SQUATS  was our first warm-up, followed by  #optC ‘Bring Sally Up Challenge 3’ – Press-Ups.
Those in the bag we did a game of ‘Shuffle Bottom’ – a game we made up from a mixture of other games – they absolutely love that too and get very competitive during it.
Then it was time to calm them down a bit so I introduced a Googley #optD  of ‘Bring Sally Up Challenge 4’ – the Leg Raises …. ouch!!!!
Now the problem with doing these challenges with the kids is that they expect you to do them too – which I tend to do, but getting on a bit now and my training regime of every-day does tire me out.  But Hey-Ho … it wouldn’t be Challenge if it was easy.
Then it was home after school for a quick snack and then out for a steady 5km run around the local route – not too much of a pace, just to loosen up my legs a bit.
This is about 75% flat and you can just relax when you don’t want to pick the pace up – so I quite enjoy doing this route. (I even get to sing a few songs without offending anyone’s ears – lol!!!
Now tonight I have returned back to the #FitFeb Day 3 options – and could chose one that is now on the list;
#optC – Stretch & Foam Roll

I did about 35mins on the roller tonight, as well as a few stretches on my ‘Pink Yoga Ball’ which is something I enjoy doing and the feeling is much nicer than the stiffness in my leg muscles after my runs.


All I have to do now is get ready for my role tomorrow as the #ParkRun Tail Runner and encouraging/motivating the back markers to go quicker & aim for a New PB – that will be emotional!!!

Tomorrow is my rest day and I intend to enjoy it before our next Running Event of Sunday – #MadDog10km – the event that will see a few thousand involved and a big group from out running club participating too. A bit of a Day Out for us all too.


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