Training Diary – Day 714

#FitFeb Challenge Day 2.


After a good night’s sleep it was back to choosing my challenges for today – 2 again but a little more difficult to link to my own training.

#optA – Try a new sport, gym or dance class.
So looking at my plan for this, I was able to get myself involved in a local Multi-School Primary Hockey Competition that lasted about 2 hours in total. (Helped to coach, officiate, organise and basically have a little fun with the Y5/6 kids – they thought I was fun to be with….  #ReputationFailure
Next challenge was going to be a little easier – as I could just link it to our Club Running Session tonight – one of my favourite training routes – the ‘Loopy Loops’ around the area.
The #FitFeb Challenge for this part of the day was:
#optB – Set a new PB (Personal Best) either in distance or time in ANYTHING active.
Well doing a run is technically an activity ……
So it was now the plan of how to get the New PBs without letting the others in the group know what I was up to.  #JohnPaul was the Run Leader and decided to stick with the back runners – this was idea for my plan because I could be the Lead Runner & Pace Setter for the group.
We had agreed to only do two laps tonight – the weather conditions being extremely high winds and was going to cause problems for us with the Head Wind along the main road. With the usual mustering points in mind, I set off with a good steady pace and the group kept together fairly well – mustering was good for a few of us to add some extra distance to our 1st lap. I timed the first lap as being 24mins 14secs and extra mustering distance – this was over 1.5mins faster than any previous times for the lap.  (New PB No1 achieved.)
For the 2nd lap it was the exact same plan – steadily increasing the pace to beat the first lap time. A similar story with the added distance because of the mustering enabled me to push a bit harder again – the time for this lap was going to be a bigger challenge. On completion of the 2nd lap I recorded a time of 22mins 27secs, knocking off more time. (New PB No2 achieved.)
When I checked the total time/distance for tonight’s session I was really pleased with the results – completing 8.67km in 46mins.  (My Garmin had me doing 8km in sub43mins – beating my previous PB from 5 days ago by about 20secs. New PB No3 achieved.)
Sweat = New PBs = Challenges Met for today.
On top of all of this today I recorded over 40,000+STEPS on my #FitBit

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