Training Diary – Day 713

Did you remember to say it?  ‘White Rabbits’ for the 1st of the month…   I did and now it is time for me to start #FitFeb with my many #TwitterFriends – using exercise as a tool for wellbeing.


I chose to start off the challenge with 2 options – only supposed to be one I know – but you all know what I’m like – competitive being my middle name.

‘Bring Sally Up
Challenge 2’
‘Bring Sally Up Challenge 3’

These are some of my favourite warm up exercises – with the lovely ‘SALLY’…. I did the Squat Challenge with the kids today and tonight I did the plank challenge after training.

Tonight our Running Club took part in a #Run&Talk event linked to the Mental Health Campaign starting tomorrow. It was attended by some new people and we had a good run & chat, followed by a few biscuits afterwards – nice pleasant change.


We split into 3 different groups – Walk&Talk – WalkJog&Talk – WalkRun&Talk. The idea being it catered for everyone’s ability and also enabled us to do a training run too. I stayed with the middle group and did a bit of mustering back to complete just under 6km in sub33mins – so not a bad pace for an easy run. A few new runners joined out little group and we had a bit of a giggle whilst chatting.

Afterwards, we met up at the Pavilion and had a relaxing chat & a few biscuits – meeting with the new people that had joined us.

Once home, it was time for my 2nd #FitFeb challenge – the ‘SALLY’ Plank Challenge. I has been a while since I last did this exercise – a few months, so my arms felt the burn/pain after about 2mins or so. But I never gave in!!



And finally, just checking out Day2 of the #FitFeb Challenge – more fun…..



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