Training Diary – Day 711

What a great weekend of running I had – 2 x events and 2 x ‘GIMMEEs’ isn’t a bad haul. That makes 4 events in January 2017 so far and still got one to do next weekend – #MadDog007 the one that has had everyone talking about for the last few weeks.


Tonight was my opportunity to still go out for a run, but also take it easy to help my body recover from the weekend punishment. I messaged my running buddy #Edgie to see if he was up for a run – he has been injured for the last couple of weeks so was resting up for this weekend’s event.


We agreed a time last night and then it was just a matter of preparing to do it – after I’d finished school was as early as I could do. A local 5km route, fairly flat and a nice easy pace would be just right for both of us – me as a recovery & #Edgie for a warm up run.


The route we planned was one that we keep especially for #Charlotte – flat (ish) but also fast, so we knew that if we eased up a bit it would be a decent recovery time. Off we went – but less than 50m into the run, #Edgie was commenting about feeling his injury a bit, so I told him to slow down and not bother putting too much effort in to the pace. just run slow if need be.

About 10minutes later we were going down hill towards the flattest part of the course and guess what? Yeah you know – #Edgie started to increase his pace because he said he was ‘Raring to go.’I again told him to slow down and make sure he didn’t cause any further recurrence of his injury.

That didn’t make the slightest difference to him – he just continued to run at that pace for a bit longer. By the time we reached the last 1km point, we had steadily increased the pace to just less than our #ParkRun pace – which is usually quite fast. I gave up trying to slow him down and went with his pace.

At the finish, I checked my watch and discovered that we had completed the course in #sub28mins – just over #9min miles. Now that is not a ‘Recovery’ Run or a ‘Warm up’ one for #Edgie. Now it is time to recover properly and rest until tomorrow’s run.



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