Training Diary – Day 707


Hahahahaha !!!    Tonight is ‘Loopy loops’ at the Widnes Running Club training session …  YEAH!!

Don’t you just love going out and causing mayhem during your training sessions – it just brings a #Fun2Run feel.

#Kerry – the run leader changed the session route tonight, sneaky one too. So on arrival at the start – I was a little disappointed at the thought of not doing my favourite ‘Loopy Loops’ and that I couldn’t do the hill climbing that I so like doing. (Had a little bit of a sulk, as #Kerry was giving her briefing – being a bit mischievous too by winding the others in the group up.

However, on reflection I may have been a little premature about the alternative route we were going to take – it did have at least one hill climb involved and I knew it was fairly challenging too.

Off we went along the route for about 1.5km warm up, along another gentle hill climb to get the heart pumping – I decided to challenge the group by increasing the pace and getting everyone to work harder on the climb – loved it!!


(Felt like ‘Rocky’ on top of the steps in the movie.)

Then it was #Kerry’s turn to have some fun with us – taking us ‘Down’ the hill climb she had previously mentioned until we got to the bottom. This was the muster point for us to meet or rest between the intervals. Oh she then told us to turn around and look up the hill climb so see what our challenge was …. 3 different turn round points for each of us to decide how far to run up it. We could go as fast as we wanted, to any of the turn round points – as many times as we wanted, in the time period we had there.


Now this is a surprise to me – I really enjoyed this route, far more than the ‘Loopy Loops’ route – it is now my New favourite route – the hill climbing interval course. (Thank you very glad #Kerry.) On top of that, our group of runners tonight were absolutely amazing and their performances outstanding. I had to do the ridiculous Top of the hill climb turn around point – because I whinge so much about enjoying hill sessions. but to their credit, the majority of the group kept going and aiming for the Top point too. I recorded 6.5 climbs in total to the Top point and was aware of at least 4 others doing the same as I did. Then it was time to head back to the club and instead of taking the easier route, we went along the hill climb of the ‘Loopy Loop’ route – a steady but long climb. Everyone was running this climb so easily and even found it comfortable to have a chat on the way back.

I recorded my total distance tonight as being 8.13km in 42mins12secs – which not only pleased me but just showed how hard the others had been working to complete their session. I know I worked hard, but they must have worked so much more.


A big thanks to #Kerry & the other group members for making the session so rewarding. You all impressed me so much.

“Tonight is what our Club is all about.”


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