Training Diary – Day 705


Running Club Training Session tonight – in the freezing cold &  chilly temperature. But hey-ho that’s what you have to do if you want to improve yourself.

It was the first time I have done tonight’s route – loopy lap intervals after a gentle 2km+ warm up to it. The idea being paired runners – one runs flat out and the other rests for the other runner’s lap. Sounds easy but when you get two runners of similar ability/pace/speed then the rest periods get shorter as you increase your speed.

Once completed, we then did the return journey back to the FMP and the carpark. Tonight we had two group abilities and all of us worked really hard. In the same group as me were – #Mick, #Lesley, #Rita, #Alex, #Ian and we kept the group going and did a constant pace to & from the loopy laps. Big thanks to #Claire for being run leader tonight too.

I recorded 8km in sub43mins tonight – doing and extra loopy lap just for the hell of it. I am pleased with that considering I started off much slower than I intended. Plus nearly didn’t attend because I was feeling tired after school.


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