Training Diary – Day 704


Sunday was my first real rest day in 5 weeks of continuous training – sometimes twice a day during that time. I was just at the stage of feeling ‘Tired’ & ‘Concerned’ ….  about getting injured. (My aches, pains & stiffness were starting to get into my head a bit.) So I took the day off completely from all exercise, went to watch other Club Members doing a X-Country event near to my home – and just supported them enjoying themselves. The problem for me was that I too enjoyed the idea of doing a X-Country event too in the coming weeks. It is something I have not done since school – but I was actually good at too.

That meant I was full of energy and raring to go today, wishing the clock to count down to the end of school so that I could get home and do a short 5km run around a flat(ish) course.


This is #Charlotte’s course for when we go out training together – but she wasn’t able to come tonight and my other training buddy #Edgie is on a rest & recovery week, after injuring himself during the recent Helsby HM. I didn’t go mad, just a gentle jog of #sub28mins to get rid of the cobwebs of yesterday – but still enjoyed it.

Back on to training for my next ‘Booked’ event – which is in 12 days time #MadDog007 and it is supposed to be a cracking event to be involved in. However, I have noticed another local event this coming weekend #Warrington5Miler and it is ‘Calling my name’ to entice me to register ….   Oh the dilemma!!


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