Training Diary – Day 702


Yeah!!!!  #ParkRunSaturday

Woke up this morning after a great night’s sleep – to find a very frosted over car. Not a good sign if you plan to go running in shorts & t-shirt. Time to get the ‘under-skins’ on in my view.


My running buddy #Edgie was going to a different event and #Paul was running with his family today – so it was going to be #BillyNoMates for me. But then I remembered that I had agreed to ‘Pace’ #Liam for a better time for him. (At Thursday night’s Loopy Loop Session he had said he wanted to go for a New PB – sub29mins17secs was his target.)

At the park, I met up with several of our Club Runners and we had a bit of a chat about our runs/events over the past week. Lots of us had completed loads of miles and were feeling it in the legs. Similarly, a fair few had attended the new parkrun being set up in Runcorn – helping to train the marshals etc …

Then Liam arrived and was looking confident. He was still up for aiming at an improved time. (Little did he know at this point, that I had already set him up to go faster than his indented pace. He was looking to do 9mins48sec per mile pace.) A quick explanation of what I was going to do during pacing him – running slightly ahead of him, keeping the time checks, updating him on speed and generally shouting at him if need be.)

To cut short the next period of time, all I would say is that #Liam didn’t get an easy time during the run – he worked hard and kept up with the pace. Only once, near the end of the 3rd lap did he question the pace – but I ignored him and went a little faster. The last 100m was his own personal battle – I ran about 10m ahead of him and told him he had to catch me up before the finish line if he wanted to beat his time. He did catch me right on the line too – well done.

Now the results bit of the parkrun. #Liam was aiming for sub29mins17secs – as his best time. Well that was going to be an easy target to beat in my opinion but I didn’t tell him that. Instead I ‘fibbed’ about being just off that time and needing to go a little faster. In fact he SMASHED that time by over 1min30secs to achieve a New PB of 27mins49secs … When he realised what he had just ran, he was totally amazed and also a little shocked too. The other Widnes Running Club members at the parkrun were over the moon for #Liam, as he had trained for weeks – going up & down the local hills, interval training around the track and generally working hard. Today was the results of all his hard work – and well deserved.


On a personal note – I am enjoying working hard at my own running, longer distance and every night seem to agree with me at the moment. But to put the cherry on top of this enjoyment, I am finding running with others as a pacer, is so satisfying – especially if they improve their time/distance too. I think I have found a new skill for me.


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