Training Diary – Day 700

Quite a mile stone reaching 700 days of blogging. Not bad seen as I just did it to occupy myself whilst injured – but have really enjoyed doing it, looking back and seeing my progression over the time – plenty of Highs mixed in with a very few lows.


Tonight’s Club session was my favourite one – Loopy Loops with a few gentle climbs around the route. #Claire Yabbadabbado was our group leader tonight and we had a good turnout as usual. After the usual run briefing it was off we went and round the first loop – some of us did a slightly different route, to include the climbs a bit more.


The second loop included a good long flat straight, where #Fiona, #Duncan, #Alex & I did an increase in our pace – upped the pace from sub10minMiles. #Fiona & I managed to get the pace to sub7mins30secMile at the fastest point. (Well done to the four of us for that.)

Our last climb was the hardest and the longest too – along Kingsway to the top, turning left onto Liverpool Road. Again it was an opportunity to increase the pace up the hill and we worked hard to complete it. The remaining distance to the end of the run was just a steady recovery pace – trying to just focus on returning to a normal steady pace again.

To be fair to our group – it was a brilliant effort if you consider the climbs, the pace increase mid route and the fact that we just pushed each other to complete it. I recorded a distance just shy of 10km in #Sub58mins, which was pretty good going. Especially as we had the interval sprint for a good part of the flat stage of the course.

Then it was time for home and a chance to relax – if you don’t count my #FitBit STEPS total of 33,000+ for today.



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