Training Diary – Day 699


Tonight’s Running Club Session was the Night Trail around Hale Village/Lighthouse – a very scenic route around the river estuary, if you could actually see it …

Meeting up in the pub carpark before we did the run briefing, gave us time to get use to the drop in temperature and adapting to the night light. Then it was off we went on the first lap around the course – long the roadway, down the paths …  onto the fields and finishing at the Lighthouse before we completed the lap back by the pub again. (Underfoot was extremely slippery in parts, especially on the coastal pathway by the Lighthouse.)


The 2nd lap was much quicker then the first one, probably down to knowing the route and being aware of the conditions a bit more. For the majority of the run I remained the back marker and did my own steady pace – 27mins for the first 4.14km and then 23mins for the second 4.14km. I was pleased with that for a recovery run attempt and knew I could easily run much fast had I wished to do so.


On completing the trail run tonight, it was just the traditional Club photo to be involved with – 2nd from the right. The statue is the ‘Childe of Hale’ fella just outside the pub of the same name.

Only thing left to do when I got home was to shower & have tea before preparing for tomorrow night’s next Club Run Session – my favourite – Loopy Loops!!!


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